An AI and IoT based Device for Insect Pest Surveillance

90% accuracy. Know now, act fast.

Species Include

All insect pest that are attracted by pheromone 

Know when pests arrive

Get real-time alerts of pest detection on your device, anywhere, anytime.

Reduce risks

Proactively monitor and manage pest populations, minimizing the potential damage

Easy & affordable

Hassle-free subscription service that fulfil your needs.

Accurate pest monitoring

Designed for growers

  • An AI algorithm configured to analyze the images and identify the species of the captured insects and detect their population density.
  • A mechanism for counting the number of captured insects of each identified species.

Pest Management

Hotspot identification and targeted pest control:

The device utilizes advanced image analysis to identify areas with high insect population density, allowing farmers to pinpoint potential hotspots of insect growth. This information enables targeted pest control measures, reducing the need for widespread pesticide use and minimizing environmental impacts. By concentrating efforts on areas with high insect activity, farmers can optimize resource usage, improve crop health, increase yields, and enhance food security.


Mobile App

The user interface is the web or mobile application that allows the user to access the data collected by the SMARTRAPS device. The user interface displays the real-time data, such as the number and species of trapped insects, and provides alerts and notifications in case of any unusual activity and graphs showing the trend of insect population with respect to temperature, humidity, and time of the day.

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