An AI and IoT based Device for Insect Pest Surveillance.

Revolutionizing Pest Management through AI and IoT.

SMARTRAPS is a groundbreaking device that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to revolutionize pest management. Developed as an innovative solution for monitoring and identifying flying insect pests, SMARTRAPS offers real-time surveillance, accurate species identification, and timely intervention to safeguard crops and enhance agricultural practices.

Our device aims to revolutionize the way we monitor and control flying insect pests (FIPs) in various environments, such as farms and agricultural fields.

Our device combines cutting-edge technology, including a physical trap, camera, AI module, and IoT module, to provide real-time data and analysis. The physical trap is designed with a compact size for easy installation and utilizes pheromones and visual cues to attract and capture FIPs effectively. Inside the trap, an insect trapping chamber prevents the escape of trapped insects.

The attached high-resolution camera with a wide-angle lens captures real-time images of the captured insects. These visuals are then analyzed by our advanced AI module, which uses a pre-trained algorithm to identify the species of the captured insects and detect their population density. The AI module also includes a feature to count the number of insects captured, providing valuable insights into the severity of infestations.

The IoT module enables seamless connectivity, allowing the device to transmit the analyzed data to our cloud server in real-time via wireless communication protocols like Wi-Fi or cellular networks. The cloud server processes the data using our AI module and sends it back to the user interface, accessible through our user-friendly web or mobile application.

Through our intuitive user interface, farmers, researchers, and pest control professionals can access real-time data, including the number and species of trapped insects, as well as sensor values like temperature and humidity. The interface provides alerts and notifications in case of any unusual activity, allowing for prompt action. Additionally, it presents graphical representations of insect population trends with respect to temperature, humidity, and time of day, aiding in proactive pest management strategies.

Our insect pest surveillance device offers an automated and efficient solution, empowering users with valuable insights for effective insect pest monitoring, identification, and control. Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable and productive agricultural ecosystem.

Key Features :

Smart Trapping Technology: SMARTRAPS employs state-of-the-art trapping devices equipped with high-resolution cameras and intelligent sensors. These traps utilize visual cues and pheromones to attract and capture flying insect pests.
Real-time Data Analysis: The captured images are processed by an AI module, which uses advanced algorithms to identify the species and population density of the insects. The data is then transmitted in real-time to a mobile application for immediate analysis and actionable insights.
Customized Mobile Application: The SMARTRAPS mobile application provides farmers and agricultural professionals with real-time information on captured insects, environmental conditions, and alerts for unusual activity. This empowers them to make informed decisions for pest management and reduce reliance on harmful chemicals.


Improved Pest Management: By providing real-time surveillance and accurate species identification, SMARTRAPS enables farmers to implement targeted and timely pest control measures, minimizing crop damage and reducing pesticide use. Sustainable

Sustainable Farming Practices: With its ability to monitor and detect pests, SMARTRAPS promotes sustainable farming practices by minimizing the environmental impact of pesticides, preserving biodiversity, and ensuring food security.

Enhanced Crop Yields: By effectively managing pest infestations, SMARTRAPS helps to optimize crop yields, resulting in increased productivity and profitability for farmers.

Cost Efficiency: The technology streamlines pest monitoring processes, reducing labor costs associated with manual surveillance and decreasing the need for indiscriminate pesticide applications.


SMARTRAPS has versatile applications across various sectors, including agriculture, horticulture, storage facilities, and food processing industries. It can be customized to target specific insect pests and adapted to different environmental conditions.

SMARTRAPS represents a significant advancement in pest management practices, offering real-time surveillance, species identification, and sustainable solutions. By harnessing the power of AI and IoT technologies, SMARTRAPS empowers farmers with actionable insights, promoting efficient and environmentally conscious pest control practices.