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Media Coverage

An insightful interview on UrduPoint News Channel as we delve into the groundbreaking innovation in agriculture – the Smart Pest Surveillance Device. In this exclusive discussion, we explore the remarkable features and potential of this cutting-edge technology, which is poised to transform the way farmers combat insect pests.
Our experts will shed light on how the device combines pheromones, advanced camera technology, and artificial intelligence to revolutionize pest control and monitoring in agricultural fields. Discover how it has successfully tackled pests like fruit flies and fall armyworms, with testing on the Pink Bollworm underway.

Installation of Smartrap in Cotton Field

Our expertise lies in installing our SmartTrap device specifically designed for monitoring and combating the notorious Pink Bollworm infestation in cotton farms. Pink Bollworms pose a significant threat to cotton crops, causing extensive damage and economic losses. By strategically deploying our SmartTrap devices throughout the cotton fields, we offer an effective solution for detecting and managing Pink Bollworm populations. The SmartTrap utilizes a combination of attractants and visual cues tailored specifically to Pink Bollworms. Equipped with a high-resolution camera, the trap allows for real-time monitoring and captures images of the captured Pink Bollworms. Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, we accurately identify and analyze the population density of Pink Bollworms. Installing our SmartTrap devices in cotton farms empowers farmers to proactively tackle Pink Bollworm infestations, safeguarding their cotton crops, and ensuring sustainable agricultural practices.